Welcome to ELF!!

You may be asking yourself…”What is ELF?” 

Well, recently my husband and I moved to Michigan and since I am currently unemployed, I have accidentally become a……wait for it……HOUSEWIFE.  Cue the dramatic music…

The term “housewife” brings to mind the movie Pleasantville, The Stepford Wives and an old article from Housekeeping Monthly (1955) that refers to the rules a “Good Housewife” must follow.



So, with these laughable rules in mind (not that my husband would require me to follow any of them…maybe in his dreams)…I was not initially excited about the thought of being home all day.

What was I going to do with myself (besides look for a job)?

However, I realized that my housewife status gives me the opportunity to do, make, and create A LOT of the crafty, fun, and delicious things I pin on Pinterest and find in cookbooks, which I didn’t have time to do when working three jobs.  

Let’s face it, I LOVE to cook, bake, and be crafty. It makes me a HAPPY girl.

So, these are my Everyday Life Files or ELF. This is where I will share my adventures and misadventures in cooking, baking, cleaning, fitness, and crafty fun.


Oh…and there is one more reason for the name…

Elf just also happens to be the nickname my husband gave me when we first started dating and he makes me HAPPY, too! 🙂 🙂



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